Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why 100% of Americans Matter

The whole 47% of the people lost business is not cool, everyone in this country matters and it’s the ones being duped so wrongly that matter the most. They have this suppressive govt holding them down by ‘giving them fish’ and not ‘teaching them how to fish’ which makes them complacent and willing to accept a lower quality of life than they could get on their own if they just tried and worked, but also had an environment where they could thrive. It’s all a big circle and I think the progressives set this loop on purpose hoping soon the loop would be so full of people wanting the govt dole, that us workers and thinkers have no choice in many matters that affect us. 

But I think I can reach them, I have to at least give it a shot. First we need a free market though. But for right now I would tell them they can make it big too, the information they could attain is so vital for them to have a better life and they could make their life so much better if they would just take the reins. But what the progressives have done for so long, with these poor education camps and enabling truly un-needed welfare, is make certain groups used to this nonproductive way of life and not cognizant of how much they could actually do with their own lives. 

And this makes me mad b/c it is hurting my fellow man, it is hurting other humans and not allowing them an environment to grow  or a comprehension of how much they could achieve. It underestimates the power of the individual and it’s all for the ends of the politician staying in power. So I’m here to try and wake you up and ask you to question your govt, question their motives, question yourself! Are you really doing all you could in your life to make it the best it could be? The best it could be for yourself?

If you are able bodied but not working or looking for a job then I would say no, you are not. You all have the ability to be as great as the richest man on wall street, you do! You have just been told so many lies that you have to be a certain way, or brought up in a certain place to achieve it, but that is a Lie. If you put forth the effort, in things you love and want to do, then you may just surprise yourself and find out you can be great in whatever you try.

This is why a free market with low barriers to entry is so incredibly important, the more free the market the more possibilities you have to open your own kind of business and follow your dreams. But with the lies told to you and unnecessary regulations being passed, it makes it harder to join the market and therefore their lies more true, and I need you to see they do it on purpose, this is why we must fight!

We cannot allow a controlling govt take over the last free country under the guise of charity and helping people, it is not what they’re doing! Just please look into what you hear more, question the ‘facts’ they tell you, look at the same story from a few different sources, you may just be surprised at how much you will find they have left out of a story, or how skewed the perspective is. Open up your minds and hearts and you will see that in this world, you cannot trust one source. Question what I say, see if it’s true, you will unfortunately see I am, which makes me sad b/c this world should not have to be like this. 

If we all worked up to our potential in a free market, just imagine what kind of businesses and opportunities there could be. Think of what you love most and how you could be an owner of a business selling it, be it almost anything, and get mad that it is being suppressed by people who simply want power. By people who saw an opportunity to weasel their way into our govt and make drastic changes that alters what our founders set up in almost irreparable ways, but that many of us are still fighting to repair.

To all you who think
 you need the govt to help them make it through the day or even your whole life, I say get mad at them for making you, an individual who could achieve great things, into a person who has to depend on a govt, someone who has to rely on them taking from others to give to them.. Someone who will never know who they truly are b/c the govt has tricked them into believing they can’t become rich and powerful themselves, that only the govt or greedy businessmen have that kind of ability…  Not you an individual… Not in this world..

And this makes me angry, angry at a govt who is making people believe that they have to settle for a lower quality of life than they could have. Basically saying middle class is all we can achieve, and I say no, that’s just the beginning! The more successful and wealthy people there are, the better things are for all of us. But the cronies of big govt want only a certain kind and a certain few people in power, and I say forget that. In a free market it’s the people who decide with their purchases who will be successful, not like what we have now where govt subsidies and laws passed for friends decides who will succeed.  We have the power and ability to make it big ourselves if they would stop trying to hold us down!

It gets to me b/c this is basically the message I have been hearing myself. And if I get the notion to try and start a business, all the red tape and regulations and barriers there are to entry become clear, and I want to tear them down so that we all have a fair shot, as we all should! Stop buying the lies and being tricked. As a normal citizen who has been where you are I am here to fight for you, for us, b/c if they keep up this way, the old notion of truth and facts will be so far gone we will all just be operating under the guise of lies, lies told by them to get US to do what They want. I say no more, I say we must stop it before it happens, and I say we all must fight to do it! And we can! 


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