Saturday, June 8, 2013

Intro To: Think More & Question More

Sometimes when I hear things I feel compelled to write how those certain words made me feel. It usually comes from feeling a need to inform, question, or argue a point. 

Understanding things, people, and why they may do what they do comes naturally to me because I almost always attempt to try and understand why certain actions were taken or certain events happen.
With this said, I felt it was important to share my perspective to anyone who may be interested in seeing an alternate perspective. I would hope it would cause the reader to think and question more about the things they have heard and consider alternate views. 

It seems to me that many people choose one perspective and tend to stick to it unwaveringly, even making up excuses for people and causes they believe in. They can become narrow minded and focused on a specific goal and dismiss facts that could, and most likely, change the course of events that should happen. But many just want to ram their agenda through, for what could be a infinite amount of reasons really. But there are a few seemingly obvious reasons and I believe the main reason, in Washington for example, is Power and a thirst to make things the way that certain individual sees fit and not the way a general populace may see fit. We see this happen in many ways and I argue this kind of behavior stifles human potential and innovation in a number of ways. 

The more you try and think of ways businesses or individual communities could have grown and expanded had a certain people in Washington not passed laws in America which changed the fundamental freedoms Americans once had, the more you should get angry and mad at these people who claim power and pass laws affecting our personal choices. 

While I do not advocate for complete Anarchy, I do advocate for a Govt ran by the general consensus rather than by the choice of the Politician alone who was voted in by constituents. I believe public money should only be used for a few constructive and necessary reasons and that all money spent should be transparent and accounted for. The way it has gotten now, people have given their hard earned money to a govt who wastes Billions and is not held accountable for their actions such as sweetheart deals. And a main reason they are not held accountable is b/c we have a highly controlled barely informative media. But that is for a different post.

I have stayed mainly general in the intro so I could inform you of my intention and a portion of my beliefs in the hopes of interesting you and getting you to look at things from a different perspective, at least some of you. There are many who already get doing this and why it is important, and I am glad I have people who share my views and feel the same, but there are some who haven't heard of this way of thinking or thought about it much and I hope I can enlighten and brighten a few minds out there who may need to just hear some good advice and why an open mind is important. 

I find information sharing and discussion are one of the most important things needed for human growth and enlightenment, and I wish to be as honest as possible, that is why I inform you of my intentions. You must have the most accurate info to be able to make a sound decision, b/c if you have false or skewed information that you act on then your actions will inherently be wrong, at least for the most part, there are always exceptions. But for the most part you will be acting in a way that you would not had you known the truth, and I find that too many people these days are doing this b/c they listen to sources they trust too easily and don't properly question the validity of what they hear. So they take skewed and altered versions of stories and act on those beliefs and it can lead to poor choices.

This kind of deception comes from the media I find most and it is a huge reason I felt compelled to write; the fact that I tried to start listening to news to be informed of the events in the world around me and found only infotainment and skewed/biased 'news'. I felt this is one way to combat it and try and get people to realize that the media is not to be completely trusted as it is. And while this is a greatly important issue to me, it is not the only one, just a large problem, and I will get into more detail for each subject in their own posts. 

So, with all this said I shall continue on to new posts, some will be from previous writings I wrote and some will be new. I will be sure to let you know as much about what inspired me to write it and why it's important. I hope you enjoy and can gain a different perspective. 

Sidenote: Since I work and have other hobbies, I may not be able to update or check the blog often, I just wanted to get thoughts out there so people could see a different perspective if they were interested, so please understand if I take a while to post more or reply. We all have lives and can understand how some things take precedent over others. Tonight it turned out that I had the time and the inspiration to start writing this blog and I am so glad I did. Love you all

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